The Normobaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber developed by Dr. Paolo MAYDESKI is a certified instrument intended for clinical practice and represents an absolute therapeutic novelty for the treatment of phlebostatic ulcers and devitalized tissue lesions of the limbs by delivering oxygen directly to the site of the lesion.
It is used in dermatology, vascular surgery, general surgery, diabetology, orthopedics and rheumatology.

• Plagues and static drip ulcers
• Plagues in arteriopaths
• Infected wounds with mixed flora
• Sores, wounds or ulcers in diabetic patients
• Injuries in patients on cortisone therapy
• Infected and exposed bone lesions
• Skin transplants at risk for local and general conditions
• Infected or at-risk burns

The duration of therapy is variable according to the pathology and local situation.